The Wisbech Monopoly Board   Board games seem a thing of the past for youngsters nowadays with their consoles and mobile phones yet a family favorite in our household that will bring young and old together is Monopoly.   Mayfair is the ... read more »
  Anyone would think that national news, especially when it comes to talking about the property market, is just focused on London centric. In fact, over the last 5 years, the London property market has really manipulated the UK on averages to s... read more »
Wisbech and Fenland Council House Waiting List Drops by 10.3% since 2011   In 1979, more than 4 in 10 British people lived in a council house, yet today that figure is only 1 in 12, whilst according to Shelter 65% of families on the Council Ho... read more »
Wisbech Homeowners Sell Their Home Over a Fifth More Than the UK Average   The average homeowner in the UK moves every 20.2 years… That average in the 1970’s and 80’s was around every 10 to 11 years; in the 1990’s it... read more »
  Of the 16,000 houses and apartments sold in Wisbech (PE13) since 1995, 1,430 of those have been new homes, representing 6.6% of property sold. So, I wondered how that compared to both the regional and the national picture …and from tha... read more »
Wisbech Property Market Do We Have the Right Sort of Wisbech Homes For the 21st Century?   Would it surprise you to know that in some parts of Wisbech, predominantly prosperous areas with high proportions of mature residents, the housing cr... read more »
25% more homes for sale in Wisbech than a year ago   One of the key factors of the health of the Wisbech property market is the number of properties for sale at any one time. The issue with housing is that when demand goes up, unlike with a c... read more »
Unemployment - the Secret Driver of the Wisbech Property Market?   If you have been reading my articles on the Wisbech property market recently, you will see that in the three years since the referendum of the ‘B’ word (that word i... read more »
The balancing act of being a Wisbech Buy To Let landlord is something many do well at. Talking to numerous Wisbech landlords, they are very aware of their tenants’ capability to pay the rent and their own need to raise rents on their rental pro... read more »
  Nationally, the number of new homes created in 2018 was 222,194, the highest since 1989. Yet since 2002, the average number of properties built in the UK has only been 146,700 per year. You would think, seeing all the new homes sites around, ... read more »
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