Labour Party’s U-turn on the £95,097,215 grab on Wisbech landlord’s wallets   Well, with the General Election just over the horizon and having been asked by a number of Wisbech homeowners and Wisbech buy to let landlords what... read more »
In this week’s article on the Wisbech property market, I look at the number of people locally who own their home with and without a mortgage, breaking those stats down by age range. From that information, the issue of retired people having a mo... read more »
In this weeks’ article on the Wisbech property market I talk about the stressfulness of moving home and what Wisbech homeowners, Wisbech landlords, Wisbech tenants and Wisbech buyers can do to mitigate and lower their stress levels when moving ... read more »
In this week’s article on the Wisbech property market we talk about the affordability of buying a home in Wisbech since 1997 and how these changes have meant the demand for private rental properties in Wisbech will continue to grow for the fore... read more »
Has England’s green and pleasant land all of a sudden become England’s green and overcrowded land?   With the nation’s ever-increasing population and the double whammy that people are now living longer, this means as each yea... read more »
  Well my recent articles about Wisbech’s most moved street in the last 3 years and the Monopoly board article (the one where I listed the most valuable streets) caused quite a lot of interest locally, so I decided to see what else I coul... read more »
  Would it surprise you to know that in some parts of Wisbech, predominantly prosperous areas with high proportions of mature residents, the housing crisis is not one of supply so much as dispersal of that supply? Theoretically, in Wisbech ther... read more »
  Wisbech Property Market Update Summer 2019     The foundations of the Wisbech Property Market over the summer have continued to be principally sound; yet the existing political macroclimate means that the critical element of con... read more »
Getting your foot onto the property ladder is a big step for people. But it’s also a step that you can get a helping hand with – until the end of November anyway. A lot of first-time buyers start on the road to owning their own home by ... read more »
If you are letting a property in England or Wales you should be aware of The Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulations which came into effect in April 2018.   If this is news to you, the first thing you should do is to che... read more »
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